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Kids Tennis Summer Camp: FAQs

Here you have some of the questions that we are most frequently asked about the Spanish language + Kids Tennis Summer Camp and the answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, then please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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ALICANTE - How can I get there?

Transfer service from Alicante airport, bus station or train station from 8:00 to 22:00 is NOT included in the package price. If you wish, a representative of ZadorSpain will pick campers up at the airport and bring them directly to their place of accommodation. Since Alicante airport is small, you will quickly see a person with your name that will be waiting for you when you exit the terminal..

If you want to come with your children or organise the trip own your own, the easiest way is to arrive to Alicante airport (El Altet). It is located only a short distance from the city centre and it takes about 20 min. by car. There are international and domestic flights that connect Alicante to the main European and Spanish cities like .Madrid or Barcelona. There are buses every 40 minutes (from 7:00am to 11:00pm) from Alicante airport to the center of Alicante (Bus stop at the exit of the terminal; the bus goes till the Plaza del Mar – last stop).

If you arrive to Madrid or Barcelona another option is to take a train. You can check times, frequency and prices on

In any case, please feel free to contact us.

ALICANTE: Is Alicante a big or a small city?


For Spain, we can say that Alicante is a medium size city. It has around 340.000 inhabitants.

ALICANTE: How is the weather in July?

Alicante in Costa Blanca area enjoys over 2,800 hours of sunshine throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of about 19.3ºC, giving its microclimate ideal characteristics for living in Alicante and Costa Blanca region all year round.

The numerous clear, sunny days make the province of Alicante an excellent place for leisure and holidays, because it is possible to enjoy the fresh air every day of the year.

The Alicante Weather is well known for a very mild climate amongst the cities at the Costa Blanca. Covered in the north by small hills and further north by rather high mountains (about 1600 m high), the area keeps the Alicante weather in a kind of microclimate. This limits the rain days per year to just about 20 per year. The average temperature even in winter time does not fall below 16° C.

Average Temperatures for Alicante
Average Temperature
(sea water)


ALICANTE: Can parents join the Tennis camp?

The Tennis camps are designed for kids from 8 to 13 years old and for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old.

For parents who want to visit Alicante while their kids are in the tennis summer camp, we can suggest different hotels and activities or we can arrange necessary lodging and activities for them to enjoy their stay.

If they want, they also can play tennis or having tennis lessons at the tennis Academy. Please feel free to enquire for further information.

ALICANTE: If I want to visit my children, where I can accommodate?

As in all cities, Alicante offers different possibility for visitors’ comfort: from hotels to rural houses, apartments… Alicante has a hotel trade of over 6,000 rooms located in the proximities of the city’s most interesting places and near the majority of the beaches. Moreover, in the last years, the city has emphasised higher quality tourism, and several superior quality establishments have opened in different areas of the city. In addition, there are small boarding houses and guesthouses, mainly located in the old town and in the centre of Alicante. There are many tourist apartments in San Juan beach and its neighbouring areas.

▪ Accommodation per category (approximate prices per double room): o
5 stars: between 200 and 300 euros o
4 stars: between 100 and 200 euros o
3 stars: between 70 and 130 euros o
2 stars or less: less than 60 euros.

Here you have a list of Hotels in Alicante.


ALICANTE: Could you suggest me some websites to know more about the area?

Of course. There are many websites with information about Alicante, surrounding area, festivities and events in the city... Here you have some.

▪ Alicante Tourist Information:
Valencia region
— Costa Blanca region
▪ Spain Tourist Information:
▪ Of course, you can visit ZadorSpain main Website, where you have information about our Spanish language schools, Spanish programs, information on Alicante and much more.:

TENNIS TRAINING: What is the player to coach ratio?

There is a tennis trainer with small groups from 3 to 4 tennis players per tennis court..

Tennis players are distributed in groups according to their age and TECHNICAL tennis level.


Kids Tennis Camp is an intensive tennis training camp whose main objective is the practice and training of young players in technical and especially in tactical and psychological tennis skills and help them to improve their performance and competitive tennis level to prepare them for tennis tournaments.

Development tennis training: minimum 3 years playing tennis

Pre-competition tennis training: minimum 4 years playing tennis

Tournament tennis training: minimum 5 years playing tennis

TENNIS TRAINING: What kind of courts are at the Tennis academy?

The majority of the tennis courts are clay courts (17 clay courts). There are 4 hard tennis courts. For mini-tennis there are also grass courts.

TENNIS TRAINING: Tennis training schedule

Tennis training sessions are divided as follow:

10,00 to 11,00: streching, other sports such soccer, basketball, paddle tennis, Soft Ball or Touch Rugby. Once a week video lesson.
11,00 to 13,30 horas: technical and tactical tennis training on court.

TENNIS TRAIINING: Items to bring

A piece of advice to prepare your Spanish + Tennis Camp in Spain: Begin packing several weeks in advance to avoid last-minute shopping or at least check this list.

Workout gear per week
6/10 T-Shirts and 6/10 gym shorts
10 pairs of socks
2 pairs of tennis shoes
2 sweatshirts and tracksuit

2 tennis rackets

Daily Clothes: casual clothing
Shorts, pants, T-Shirts
Sweater and thin raincoat
Plenty of socks and underwear
Beach towel, 2 bathing suits, bathing cap (compulsory for the swimming pool), hat for the sun
Shoes or sandals and flip-flops for the shower and the swimming pool
Small toiletries kit or basket so your kid can carry and keep track of essentials such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, deodorant, comb and brush. Bath Robe .
Towels for the shower

. * Electricity supply in Spain is AC 220 Volts, 50 Hertz. Sockets meet European regulations and use the round pin system. Bring adaptors and make sure that the electrical appliances you are going to use (computer, mobile phone charger, shavers, fun…) work at this voltage.
* Put your child's name or initials on everything —clothes, hat, swim suit, towels— with either a laundry marker or iron- or sew-on labels.

* Laundry bag for wet or dirty clothing with your child's name

Documents, medicines
— Passport (Original and 1 copy)
— 2 photos
— Medication if needed. Send medication in its original container, along with explicit dosage instructions to the camp nurse or healthcare facility. A signed medical-release form should accompany all prescription medication (in English or Spanish).
— Parental Permission form.
— Medical Certificate and Release and Waiver

* If camper has glasses or contact lents, bring 2 glasses and contact lens cleaner.

For the Spanish lessons
Pocket dictionnary.
Some material for the lessons (notebook, pens…)

Other items
BackPack or something similar to go to the Camp, for off-campus activities and excursions.
Camera and batteries
Cell phone (and charger) /calling card

Could be a good idea to download and print the items to bring tho the Basketball Camp and check them because probably we forgot something that your child consider important.


SPANISH LESSONS - How do you know my Spanish level?
SPANISH LESSONS - How many students are in a group?

There is a maximum of seven students per classroom.

Our Spanish lessons in mini groups will:

- allow students to get the most from our personalized teaching,
-facilitate active and dynamic participation in the lessons,
- maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating children ability to speak Spanish fluently.

SPANISH LESSONS - Do the teachers speak English during the lessons?

No, but do not worry: it is a question of a few days. It is an immersion program and therefore kids will be surrounded by Spanish everywhere. Many of our students have no previous knowledge of Spanish.

Our teachers have the training and the experience to teach beginners and the total immersion system allows you to learn very quickly. We have a Spanish/English translator as part of our staff, who will be glad to help you communicate if you have any questions.

SPENIASH LESSONS - Do I need to bring something for the Spanish lessons?


It is a good idea if you have your own pocket dictionary, some pencils, some pens and a note book. The first day you will receive a file with the teaching material or a book.

SPANISH LESSONS - What are the Spanish lessons about?


You are going to have a General Spanish course and depending on your level you will learn vocabulary about different topics. Of course, you are going to learn many words about tennis.

SPANISH LESSONS - Do I get a course certificate after finishing my Spanish course?

Yes. You will recieve a Certificate of Attendence, with the number of Spanish lessons that you have attended and your Spanish level.

SPANISH LESSONS - When the Tennis camp will be finished could I stay longer?

Yes. If you do not want to play tennis for all your stay, you can continue learning Spanish in our language school and practice other sports taking part in Water sports camp or in Sports and multi activity camp -all of them in July and August-.

ACTIVITY PROGRAM: Are the ticket entrance for Museums, Amusement parks... included in the price?

Yes, all the tiket entrance or price for the activities are included in the price. However, if students want to drink or to eat something out of the tennis camp, students have to pay for them.

ACTIVITY PROGRAM: Are the transports included to go to the activities?

Yes, all the transports to go from the host family to the Tennis Academy and for the off-campus activities programmed are included in the price. In some cases transports are public and in other private transport.

ACTIVITY PROGRAM: Are students accompanied during the activities?

Yes, there is always at least one group leader every 15 students in the activities programmed.

HOST FAMILY: Where do the host families live?

The majority of the host families live near the Spanish school, around 10 or 15 minutes walking. If children live more than 20 minutes walking, we provide them with bus tickets to go to the school. All the quarters of the city are connected to the centre by urban buses running every 10-15 minutes. A person from the host family or a group leader from Zador accompanies children to go to the School, the Sport Camp.

HOST FAMILY: How do you select the host families?

The families are selected and visited regularly by our staff and they are lodging our students for many years. In all of them, students will find a warm atmosphere that will help them get integrated into the family and city life very quickly. Families usually —but not always— have children with a similar age to the students.

Host families are representative of Spanish society. Families with or without children, retired couples without children... Many of the families selected have children. However, we cannot guarantee that your interest will be compatible in all respects. You must bear this in mind, since living with a Spanish family involves adjusting to different habits and life styles and you have to explain all of this to your kids. You need to prepare your child to discover a country that has a different culture as his own.

HOST FAMILY: How is the food at Camp?

Healthy with quality, variety and taking into account that you are playing hard. You will have three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 1 snacks (1 dietary supplement —juice, fruit, yougurth, snacks or sandwiches) during the training sessions.

Breakfast at the Host family: fruit, cereal, yogurt, milk, bread or biscuits.
Lunch Monday to Friday at the Tennis Club restaurant: starter, main course and dessert.
Evening meal at the host family: main course and dessert.

At the weekend, players participating have breakfast and an evening meal at the host family, and are provided with a packed lunch to take on excursions.

Once a week they have a tapas tasting dinner in a restaurant to try typical Spanis tapas.

HOST FAMILY: Is Laundry service provided?

Twice a week. Please, bring enough clothes for the camp.



HOST FAMILY : Bed linen and towels.

The family provides the bed linen and towels, but children must bring their own towels for the beach and the sport camp.

HOST FAMILY: Arrival and departure days

All the students should arrive on Sunday evening (between 16:00 and 20:00) and leave the accommodation on Saturday morning (between 9:00 and 12:00). Days before or after are considered extra nights wit an extra cost.


Children will have a single room and, more often, a shared room with the child's family or other students. There is an extra cost, if you want a single room. The rooms are shared by students of the same sex and not more than four years of age difference.

HOST FAMILY: Info on the host family

One week before the beginning of the camp, parents will be supplied with the information concerning the accommodation: host family address, names, ages, profession, hobbies of the family and an email to contact them before arrival just to introduce them.
Please inform the host family about the arrival time.
Of course, if parents want, they can visit the Host family.
Every year, it happens that some host families are facing, at the last minute or during the stay with personal problems (health, an accident...). These last minute cancellations represent a small proportion of all host families assignments. Of course, ZADOR choose a new a host family before arrival or during the stay without excluding the possibility of a temporary host family.



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