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Kids Tennis Camp: Insurance & Care

Medical, travel, accidents, civil liability INSURANCE

All children are covered by health, accident, travel and civil liability insurance included in the camp price. If required, participants may take out an optional cancellation insurance policy.

Top Insurance policy

Zador contract this private insurance for every student and acts merely as an intermediary between the Insurance Company and the pupil. A copy of the policy will be sent to Parents/Guardians along with the programme documentation. Please, inform us if you have your own insurance for your kids and if you prefer to use it.

Top Procedure in case the kid is ill

Zador staff will be immediately informed by the host family, camp counsellor in charge of the children group or the coaches at the sport camp. Campers feeling under the weather can ask at the host family, sport camp nurse or Zador Spanish school staff and we will take care about it.

In the case of a pupil considered a minor needing medical treatment, —as stated at the parental permission form— the medical staff at ZadorSpain or others to whom your son/daughter is referred, will provide appropriate diagnostic and/or medical care during the camp program.

Parents or guardians will be contacted prior to further diagnostic, surgical, or specialist care. In the event that, during the development of the program, the participant needs medical treatment, and / or to be hospitalized and / or requires surgery without ZADOR being able to locate the parents, guardians or legal representatives, ZADOR is authorized to take measures it deems fit for the kid’s health.

If campers are seriously ill or injured, we will take them to the hospital or call an ambulance right away. In less severe circumstances, we will bring campers to the doctor indicated by the insurance company. In both cases Zador staff will contact immediately with the family —Zador will contact with the specified contact person for emergencies indicated at the enrolment—.

Top Medicines

Although many students are comfortable administering their own medications (daily or as needed), the host family collect and store all medications on the first day of camp. ( Exceptions include inhalers and vitamins). For campers who require medication, the host family or Zador School staff will administer their medication regularly as directed.

Tennis camp for kids Spain

Learn Spanish, take part in an International Development Tennis Camp for kids, make friends from different countries, enjoy the beach and have fun...

TENNIS camp for kids in Spain

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